What Type Of Mutual Fund Will You Launch?

Our mutual fund will have a legal and financial structure, just like any other mutual fund on the market, and will be fully regulated by the SEC.

What Will Be Different About Your Mutual Fund?

There are two main distinctions in our mutual fund

We will have tens of thousands of passionate stock pickers competing to show their stock picking skills and help co-manage the fund. This means you get the best stock pickers at every moment in time working hard to produce market beating performance for investors.

We plan for this fund to be a Long / Short mutual fund, to provide you with a simple investment strategy that has historically only been available to high net worth individuals and has consistently outperformed the performance of the S&P 500.

What is a Long / Short Mutual Fund?

Its sounds mysterious but in reality it’s quite simple. Most mutual funds are buy and hold, they go long the market and hold those positions no matter if the market rises or falls.

A Long / Short mutual fund recognises that’s when the market rises, not all stocks rise, some fall in value and when the market falls not all stock fall, some rise in value.

Equally when the market rises, some stock rise more than the market as a whole and when the market falls some stocks fall more than the market as a whole.

The aim of our fund

Is to create a fund to benefit our investors that will outperform the market and, provide consistent returns regardless of general market direction, with low volatility.