How Does The Portfolio Challenge Work?

So before we can launch a mutual fund, we need to find great stock pickers.

We have made the contest as simple and realistic as possible, we allow you to go both long and short the market.

We allow your portfolio to have up to 15 stocks, and will judge your performance based on percentage return.

Why Do You Not Allocate Us a Fictional Amount of Money to Trade?

Simple! It would be easy for people to manipulate the contest or skew their performance.

We want to find great all round stock pickers, not somebody that puts all of their money into a very volatile stock and hopes for the best.

How Do You Make The Contest Realistic?

We use real market prices from the stock exchange(s) and use real market practices when we execute your trades.

If you buy a stock you buy at the Ask

If you sell a stock you sell at the Bid

We ensure there is enough volume to execute a notional amount of stock.